About Tim

Hi! I'm Timothy Sturm, but you can call me Tim. I am currently a Cloud Solutions Architect for Microsoft. I just started that journey around the same time I started this blog in March of 2022. I am born and raised Texan, and currently reside in Bedford, TX with my beautiful wife and two sons. Having been interested in all things technology from a young age, I have put my skills to use in building a career since graduating from Trinity High School in 2011. Due to familial circumstances, higher education was not an opportunity for me immediately after high school. However, through perseverance and hard work, I was able to change those circumstances and in January of 2020 I started to attend Tarrant County College. I should take a moment to thank the graceful, yet very stern, nudge from my good friend Jake Hudson in helping me take the first steps to achieving a higher education.

I am really passionate about being involved in the full software development lifecycle. From sitting at the table with the customer, understanding their challenges and needs, to joining the architects at the design table, helping to plan a course of action to overcome those challenges and deliver on those needs. I enjoy being a part of the team that help to deliver on those decisions and working with the quality assurance team to validate that the implementation matches what was envisioned. I also enjoy involvement with the team who deploys and operates the solution, gathering telemetry of its use in production. Seeing the customers joy in the delivery of the solution is what really drives me in doing all of this and soliciting feedback from the customer is the best way to understand from them what we did well and also where we can improve. It is with this feedback, that the cycle starts over. Along this journey, highlighting the importance of providing tight feedback loops within the lifecycle of the development process to inform teams and individual contributors highly specialized in their areas so that they may improve.

When I am not working, I love to play guitar or piano. I also spend far too much time with my radios, being licensed as an Amateur Operator under the callsign N5OXY. I enjoy 3d printing, gardening, and woodworking.